Handicap protocols for Rathsallagh Golf Club Members.

Clubnet, a great new app with many features: Click on Clubnet App (rathsallaghcountryclub.com):  for instructions on how to download Clubnet App. Clubnet App (rathsallaghcountryclub.com) is now operational and we wanted to outline the process for score submission.

One of the features of the new World Handicapping System is that players are encouraged to return General Play scores which will count towards handicap. This can be done over 9 or 18 holes, but the player must register their intention to return a General Play Score prior to playing.

Registration can be done on the Clubnet App by Signing In on the Digital Scorecard in the Members Area (New members please see below). This will ask you whether you are playing 9 or 18 and asks you to select which tees you are playing off. The App will display your Handicap Index and the appropriate Course Handicap to be used. You will also be prompted to return a score before the end of the day on which the round is played. This score under Golf Ireland rules must be certified by a fellow player (who must hold a handicap) in your grouping. We ask that keeping with the spirit of the game any member recording a score for handicap purposes declares their score at the end of each hole.

New Members please use a scorecard to submit three cards to for the attention of our Handicap Committee or leave in the Pro-shop for their attention)   As with competition/general play submissions these cards must be certified by a fellow player in your grouping. The person certifying your card must be a current full member with Rathsallagh Golf Club. After 3 cards have been received and updated on the WHS, you will receive your handicap & card. Upon receipt you may submit cards via the app. WH Membership €28.00 Junior (under 18 years old) €7.00 WH  Card €8.00

You don't have to return a score every time you play golf however the accuracy of your Handicap Index will be improved with every scorecard you submit. Remember you cannot return your scorecard unless you have registered your intention to do so.

Players are reminded that your new Handicap Index is calculated from the best eight scores of the last 20 rounds of golf played. Whilst we are a few weeks away from competitions for our Full Members yet, we would ask you to use this time to submit cards as you play. This will ensure the handicap index is up to date for all members.


May the bounce be kind and your putts true.

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