Dress Code

Only tailored shorts are acceptable on the Golf Course. 

Other Requirements are

  • Soft spike golf shoes only
  • Tennis shorts or other sporting models are not permitted on the Golf course
  • Trousers – Should be Full Length Tailored Trousers on the Golf course
  • Trouser legs should, under no circumstances, be tucked into socks
  • The wearing of denims is permitted in the clubhouse area
  • Juniors may wear smart casual runners. (The Committee are aware that many modern golf shoes have similar design to trainers/runners).
  • Shirts – Should be smart collared shirt or polo shirt, no numbers are permissible on the back of shirts.
  • The wearing of collarless, sleeveless, t-shirts and / or football jerseys (GAA, Rugby, Soccer, etc.) is not acceptable on the course or putting area
  • Neat dress is essential in the Bar and Function Rooms